Interporto Rivers Venezia

Interporto Rivers Venezia is a Private Port Terminal located within the Interporto di Venezia, in the heart of the industrial area of ​​Marghera - Venezia. The strengths of the competitive development of the logistics platform are represented by the easy road and rail connections,by land and by sea, that connect directly into the trades represented by hallway # 8 Berlin-Palermo and from the hallway # 5 Lisbon-Kiev.
With good access to main roads / highways, through ss11, commercial Romea towards Chioggia - Ravenna, or through a short connection (about 1 km) which leads directly to the main highways with the A4 (Turin-Trieste), the A13 (Padua-Bologna), A23 (Palmanova-Tarvisio), A27 (Venice-Belluno) and the A28 (Portogruaro-Pordenone), the train station in Mestre - Venice and Venice International Airport,which is about 15 km away.
The main activity of the Interporto Rivers is represented by the offer of logistical intermodal services for goods arriving by sea, truck and train.
The Terminal specializes in handling bulk cargo, steel products and general cargo.