Characteristics of the area

Interporto Rivers Venezia occupies a total area of about 240,000 m2, of which:

  • Open ares 150.000 m2 National / Foreign
  • Covered ares 90.000 m2 National / Foreign
  • Offices 9.500 m2

The quay of the terminal is situated in the Porto Marghera - Venice West Channel, is long 500  meters and has a current draft of 32'00 '' over the medium sea, is equipped with # 5 80/100 ton multipurpose port cranes                         

The terminal is equipped with storage facilities approved for the storage of cereals for human food use and livestock.

The terminal is equipped with authorized storage for non-hazardous waste (ferrous scrap - light coal ash - CDR)

The terminal also has four silos from 14,000 m3 each and 1 silo 7,500 m3, for a total of 63,500 m3, for the storage of dry bulk fed directly from tape conveyor or pipe line ship / dock.

The terminal has a rail siding with a length of 5,000 m, connected with the nearby Venezia Mestre train station.

Brief history

Interporto Rivers Venezia comes from pressing and precise logistical needs that in over the past few years they have characterized the development of the Northeastern Italy. The realization of such project was made possible in 1993, thanks to the purchase of the area, abandoned by the then Alusuisse Italy S.p.A. with the aim to convert it back to the "center function for the development of intermodal activities ". This area is located in a position of absolute logistics importance in the territory.

Between 1993 and 1997 a profound work of restructuring has resulted in:

The conversion from intermodal to use industrial brownfield former Alusuisse S.p.A., followed the following stages:

  • abatement and recovery of part of the sheds and silos,
  • creation of a new operational quay of 500 meters,
  • adaptation of the waterway to the new operational needs,
  • reconstruction of internal roads,
  • restructuring of internal railway tracks;
  • the conversion and staff training to new operational requirements;

The opening of the company's services to users through:

establishing a customs area (customs clearance services online, general stores and customs warehouses), the use of part of the building structure to the creation of offices to be allocated to the settlement of Customs Section of Marghera Industrial and approximately thirty of private operators (Shippers and Maritime Agencies).


Main types of goods:

  • Bulk (cereals, flours, clinker, coal, sand, cement, minerals, etc.).
  • steel products in bulk and in packages (iron chromium, Proler, coils, slabs, billets, wire rods, timber log, pipes, etc.)
  • Heavy carpentry / Project Cargo
Types of landing / boarding:
  • Loading / unloading via warehouse / yard and / or direct truck / wagon.
  • Disembarkation / embarkation directed to / truck wagon.
  • Landing in silos via conveyor belt directly connected with the quay cranes and / or pipe-line pneumatic system.
Redelivery activities
Interporto Rivers Venezia is able to offer users a combined service ship, road and rail.
Refills of goods can take place directly during the landing ships, by hopper, or from the square and / or magazine via shovel, fork lift or any other system of charging suited to various product types.
  • direct from nature refills and / or by warehouse / yard:
    • truck
    • wagon
  • Refills from silos:
    • truck silo
Charging truck / silo by gravity through a nozzle located at the charging feet of silos and supplemented by a modern computerized weighing system that performs  Automatically aspirations control. A modern IT management and forms, allows controls and continuous contacts on time Real, by Interporto Rivers Venezia, customers, freight forwarders and shippers.
Machining Services
Interporto Rivers Venezia, in addition to the landing and storage of products, provides several auxiliary services, through the use of modern equipment and machinery, related to processing of some types of bulk goods, such as:
  • Bagging big bags
  • sieving
  • mixing
  • deferrization
  • Grinding
Interporto Rivers Venezia, proposes itself as a terminal capable of responding to the ever increasing demand for outsourcing of companies